The way of drinking tea - Yellow tea & White tea

By Emma Chang | 13 February 2019 | 0 Comments
Yellow tea and white tea are one of the six major tea categories. The processing procedure is relatively simple, the taste of tea is relatively elegant, and the production volume is much less than that of the other four teas. Yellow tea and white tea can be used in different brewing methods depending on the tea grade. Glass cup method, gaiwan method and large teapot method are usually used. The brewing method and the step are all similar to the green tea, and can be operated according to the same brewing method of green tea. Premium grade yellow tea and white tea, such as Junshan Silver Needle, Honey Fairyland, Moonlight Beauty, etc., they have beautiful appearance, delicate raw materials, unique quality, often brewed with glass or gaiwan.

The method for glass cupping is: prepare tea set, boil water, warm cup, appreciate tea, add tea, pour water, brew, serve and drink.
The basic step for gaiwan is to prepare tea sets, boil water, warm tea set, appreciate tea, add tea, wake up tea, brew, serve, and drink.
The so-called "awake tea" in white tea brewing refers to the process of completely filtering out the tea soup from the bowl to "wake up" the tea leaves in the bowl. To wake up the tea, you must pour out the tea soup as much as possible, leaving no soup in the gaiwan. If the tea soup is poured out, you can not brew the second infusion immediately. Let the tea in the bowl be left for about one minute to let the tea fully wake up. In order to promote the glow of tea, prevent the tea from brewing for too long to affect the quality of the tea. 

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