The way of drinking tea - Green tea

By Emma Chang | 12 February 2019 | 0 Comments
Green tea is the most widely distributed tea in China, with the largest total yield, the most varieties and the most abundant morphological characteristics. Different from other teas, the quality characteristics are “green color (shape), green tea liquor and green tea leaves”. Among them, premium green tea also pays special attention to “beautiful shape”, “tender” or other unique fragrance. Therefore, in the brewing and drinking of green tea, in order to fully appreciate its quality characteristics and aesthetic value, the premium green tea usually adopts the cup-brew method, in which the glass cup method is the best; while the ordinary green tea does not need to highlight its shape characteristics, so more use of porcelain cup simple brew method, gaiwan brew method or large pot brew method.
1.Cup-brewing method
The tea leaves are directly placed in the tea cup, the tea leaves and tea soup can be directly consumed without being separated by filtration. This is the most common way to drink green tea. Among them, the glass cup method, the cup is clear and transparent, can clearly appreciate the shape of the green tea after the water stretches and its pleasing soup color, so it is usually used for brewing premium green tea.
According to the order of tea brewing, the cup-brewing method can be divided into the top-drop method, the mid-drop method and the bottom-drop method. The top-drop method is to pour eighty percent of boiling water (about 95℃) into the teacup, and then take the tea into the water. Generally, the tea will automatically sink without the need to cover. Dry tea leaves absorbs moisture and gradually spreads the leaves. The method is more suitable for brewing premium green tea with more pekoe and tightness shape, such as Dongting Biluochun, Xinyang Maojian, and so.

The mid-drop method is to pour a quarter of the boiling water into the teacup, and put the tea into the water, then add the boiling water to the eighty percent, observe the change of the tea in the water, brew tea and drink in time. The mid-drop method is more suitable for tea leaves with looser strips, such as Taiping Houkui, Huangshan Maofeng and so on.

The bottom-drop method is to first add tea leaves to the teacup, then pour a quarter of the boiling water into the teacup to brew the tea for 1-2 minutes, and finally add 85 ℃ hot water to the eighty percent of the teacup. This method is suitable for tea leaves with smooth and tight shapes, such as Longjing, Liuan Guapian, and so on.

2.Gaiwan brewing method
It is a method of using a gaiwan as a tea brewing and tea filtering tool. The traditional method of gaiwan is to use it as a tea cup to brew tea. The specific method is the same as the cup-brewing method. The modern gaiwan brewing method uses the bowl as a teapot. When brewing, the tea soup should be separated from the tea leaves, and the tea soup should be divided to small tea cups to drink, the difference is the more delicate and premium green tea, the less time to brew.
3.Large teapot brewing method
The large teapot brewing method is suitable for occasions where there are a large number of people who drink teas in restaurants conference halls, and is often used for brewing ordinary green tea.
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