Tea brewing procedures

By Emma Chang | 31 January 2019 | 0 Comments
Tea brewing procedures are simple and complex, depending on the specific circumstances, combined with the characteristics of the tea. In other places, due to different tea drinking habits and local customs, there are some differences in brewing procedures. In addition to preparing tea, selecting water, boiling water, and preparing tea sets, all such tea brewing procedures are followed:
  1. 1.Warm up the tea pot
Pour hot water on the tea pot, including the spout, lid, and tea cup. The purpose is to increase the temperature of the tea set so that the temperature of the tea leaves is relatively stable after brewing, and the temperature of tea soup is not lowered too fast.

  1. 2.Add tea
According to the size of the teapot or teacup, add a certain amount of tea into the pot.

  1. 3.Steeping tea
After placing the tea into the pot, flush the boiling water into the pot according to the ratio of tea to water. When flushing, in addition to the oolong tea flushing must overflow the pot, the water usually with 80% of the tea pot.

  1. 4.Serving Tea
When serving tea, the owner must have a smile, and it is best to use a tea tray to give it to the guests.

  1. 5.Appreciate Tea
If you drink a high-grade tea, then, after brewing the tea, you should not rush to drink it. You should first look the shape and color then smell the cup, then taste the soup.

  1. 6.Re-steep tea
Generally, when you have already consumed 2/3 of the tea soup, you should continue to pour the water into the pot. The continuous water is usually two or three infusion.
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